CSC4710/6710 Database systems

Administrative Info

Instructor: Berkay Aydin 

Course Webpage: this webpage or can be reached via iCollege

Course Overview

Credit Hours: 4.0 hours

Class Policies: can be accessed from iCollege.

Pre-requisites: CS 2720 with a grade of “C” or higher (for CS 4710) and CS 3410 (for CS 6710) 

Textbook: Fundamentals of Database Systems (7th Edition) by Elmasri & Navathe (ISBN: 0133970779) 

Description: This course introduces the fundamental concepts and principles that underlie modern-day database systems, which are necessary for designing, using, and implementing database systems and applications. We will review database systems topics such as conceptual data modeling, relational data model and design, normalization and functional dependencies, query languages, and indexing. We will also cover recent advances in database systems, including non-relational databases. 

Outcomes: The major goal of this course is for students to gain fundamental knowledge of, and practical experience with database systems. Upon successful completion, the student will be able to differentiate database systems from trivial storage (such as file systems), analyze a storage problem and create a conceptual model, demonstrate an understanding of relational model, functional dependencies, normalization, relational algebra, and database indexing, and formulate, using SQL, solutions to a broad range of data creation, querying and manipulation problems 

Requirements: Students are expected to have at least intermediate programming skills in Java (see prerequisites) and an understanding of basic mathematical skills, specifically formal properties of sets 


Grade CSc 4710 CSc 6710

A+ [100, ∞) [100, ∞) 

A [95, 100) [96, 100)

A- [90, 95) [92, 96) 

B+ [85, 90) [88, 92)

B [80, 85) [83, 88)

B- [75, 80) [79, 83)

C+ [70, 75) [75, 79)

C [65, 70) [70, 75)

C- [60, 65) [66, 70)

D [50, 60) [60, 66)

F [0, 50) [0, 60)

Course Outline

Week 1                Introduction to Database Concepts and Architecture                        

Week 2                Data Modeling & ER Diagrams 

Week 3                Relational Data Model  

Week 4                Relational Algebra 

Week 5                Functional Dependencies & Normalization 

Week 6                Mapping ER models 

Week 7                Basic SQL - SQL Setup 

Week 8                Basic SQL 

Week 9                Advanced SQL 

Week 10             File Organizations & Indexing

Week 11             Query Processing & Optimization  

Week 12             XML - ODB - ORDB  

Week 13             DDB - NoSQL - Big Data   

* The last two weeks of the term will include the final reports of the projects