[Apr 10, 2021] Our proposal to build an MPIL detection and analysis pipeline is funded by NSF.

[Mar 29, 2021] Our new study on all-clear flare prediction with interval-based time series classifier ensembles is published (*). Congrats to Annie.

[Mar 29, 2021] Two papers on spatiotemporal trajectory outlier detection are published (in BigData'20* and ICPR'20). Congrats to Xumin and Annie.

[Mar 21, 2021] Our paper on polarity inversion line detection is published (*). Congrats to Xumin and Annie.

[Mar 19, 2021] Two papers (*, ) on magnetogram super-resolution published. Congrats to Shoeb.

[Jan 10, 2021] Our all-clear SEP event prediction API is live.

[Jan 2, 2021] I will be teaching CSc4710/6710 Database Systems in Spring 2021.

[Dec 1, 2020] Our paper on spatiotemporal event sequence discovery is published (*).

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